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Past Projects And Events

Treatment III - Turning Project
Western Treatment Plant


On the 21st-22nd of April 2023 I had the pleasure of collaborating with 3 other Wyndham based artists under the guidance of Mick Douglas to create an encapsulation performance work on site at the western treatment plant. the work delved into human ecology, waste management and artist practice

Treatment III is the third iteration of a public art event at the plant, with this iteration having a day and night event including many works across the expanse. 

The 'Turning' performances were a 20 minute duration piece happening every hour on the hour, featuring textile (Myself), sound, Ice and video installation features.  

Image courtesy of Damien Laing

'History Was Not Thin'
Fabric Of Life Festival


Warrnambool hosted the 'Fabric of Live Festival' culminating in a celebration event of finalists who created garments for various categories celebrating textiles. 

My entry 'History Was Not Thin' was a soft homage to the histories and myths of plus sized figures we have lost in modern times to the 'thin is in' rhetoric. 

I was Lucky enough to win 1st place in the recycled materials category!
You can see a video of the event through the link below


'TRANSaction' Billboard
wood street art space - Laverton


As part of the group exhibition 'Forward Motion' which was a collaboration of Wyndham City Council, Hobsons Bay Council and Melbourne Fringe, I was offered a public art opportunity in a billboard in front Wood Street Art Space in Laverton. 
The work and its recption have been nothing short of incredible.

Digital Portrait

The work will be on display until January 2023

Exhibition Louis Joel Arts - Altona


In July I had the honour of exhibiting in a group show of artists housed in Melbourne's outer west, I created a piece specifically for this exhibition, drawing on the unique nature of queer identity in the west, how it ties into my experience of being both neuro-divergent and chronically ill and what those labels meant during the pandemic. 

The end piece was a medium scale photographic print, scanned from a Polaroid 600 original of myself as the subject matter wearing a outfit sewn specifically for the photo shoot

Work Titled
'Doom Boxes'
Shown between July 8th-July 28th 2022


Photo Credit: WESTEND Media

Artist Residency
'Out There' Project



During my Residency in Mid 2022 ‘Out There’ was a project tackling our perception of clothing and textile waste while highlighting creating without social limitations. Through an introduction workshop, participants will be presented with various recycled materials, most of which saved from landfill, an idea and a concept. Then either on their own or through creative catch ups construct a piece of ‘clothing’ for themselves, use the term clothing loosely however, we planned to be ‘out there’ after all. Once constructed each participant will have the opportunity to be photographed in their creation with the photos being compiled into a small paper booklet, which will also be gifted to those who participate!

The project strongly urged us to rethink our material usage, both intentional and unintentional as well as celebrating the bold and bright things we can create with what is already in circulation!

This project has since concluded with an Incredible zine showcasing the participants work.


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