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Queer, Fat, Sexy - 2023

Secret Genitals - 2023

Wyndham Art Gallery
January 19th - March 19th


‘Content Warning: Fat, Queer, Sexy’ represents true queer narcissism.  Connor states, 'It explores the many facets of my personal queer identity in every shade, delving into questions about the self, community, reclamation and projection. It is a celebration of pure satirical self reference as a tool to unpack what ‘queer’ means to me, my experiences and how I interact with what is often presented to me as the ‘normal’. 

It is a visual representation that exploration and discovery of queerness is non linear and ongoing, and that journey itself is an art form.


Past Exhibitions

2022 - Patchwork Renaissance - C & H Gallery, Hoppers Crossing
2020 - IUVENTUS - F Project Gallery, Warrnambool
2016 - Lineage - Warrnambool Art Gallery, Warrnambool

Patchwork Renaissance - 2022

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C & H Gallery
Hoppers Crossing - November 3rd - 24th 2022

Exhibition Text:

A culmination of Lockdown, Discovery and Exploration. Patchwork Renaissance is a body of work dedicated to the relationship between identity, Place and textile, how we treat sustainability of the self and of what we choose to clothe ourselves with.

During the pandemic I found myself returning to the tactile and appreciating the time it takes to construct these garments while reflecting on the loss of place we all experienced, through creating wild fantastical outfits I reclaimed some of the imagination I’d lost from not be allowed (with good reason) to traverse the outside world.

It is important to note every outfit you see was a textile reclaimed, through second-hand, landfill or gifted means and re-imagined through my queer lens, becoming  symbols  marrying my growing love for Melbourne’s Outer West , gritty, working class and endlessly multifaceted landscape and how I as a Gender nonconformist fit into the local puzzle.

This Exhibition was also partially funded by a grant from Arts Assist Wyndham

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